John Bell Chapter, NSDAR Sponsors
the Timothy Hatch Society of the C.A.R.



What is C.A.R.?

Children of the American Revolution, also known as C.A.R., is the patriotic children's service organization that is similar to, though separate from, its parent groups, the Daughters of the American Revolution and the Sons of the American Revolution. A child does not have to have parents, grandparents, aunts, or uncles who belong to either adult group, though many do. A DAR and/or SAR chapter usually sponsors a C.A.R. society. John Bell sponsors the Timothy Hatch C.A.R. Society. Timothy Hatch was a child who served in the patriot army.

What do Timothy Hatch members do?

Because the ages and location of Timothy Hatch members are so varied, the society is organized in an independent project format. Members may choose from a large list of activities on the national, state, local, family, and personal level, to give service to others, to increase their knowledge and abilities, and to have fun. Members are encouraged to report these activities to their senior president, a member of John Bell, to be eligible to be chosen as Timothy Hatch Member of the Year and receive a prize and recognition from John Bell. In short, Timothy Hatch is designed to help its members grow into knowledgeable, contributing, patriotic adults, while enjoying themselves. Timothy Hatch is especially proud that the last three state presidents have been members of our society.  Members are not required to attend meetings, though there are meetings, including a 5-state district convention. And the members are usually invited to attend and serve in some capacity at an evening John Bell meeting and summer U.S. Naturalization Ceremonies.

Care to learn more about the C.A.R.?

Visit the NSCAR website.

For more information about the Timothy Hatch Society of the C.A.R., contact the John Bell Chapter, NSDAR via the information under the Contact Us link.


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