John Bell Chapter Current Year (2016 - 2017) Events


August 27 - 9:30 am-noon - Lineage Workshop, Wisconsin Historical Society

September 9 - Meeting: Memorial for Deceased Members; Music provided by Ashley Kaplewski; "Winter Wellness with Essential Oils" presented by Jacqueline Kamin

September 17 - Fort Winnebago Surgeon's Quarters Painting Party, 3-5 pm; with local artist Sarah Hill

September 17-23 - Constitution Week (Proudly Fly Your Flag This Week!)

September 23-24 - WSDAR Fall Workshop 2016, Appleton WI

October 11 -  Evening Social - American History Program: "100 Years of National Parks" presented by John Madden, Superintendent of Ice Age Scenic Trail Office

October 11 - National DAR Day of Service

November 8 - Election Day (Proudly Vote Today!)

November 11 - Meeting: Women's Program: "Bone Health over the Years" presented by Sue Richards, Wisconsin Women's Health Foundation

November 11 - Veteran's Day (Proudly Fly Your Flag Today!)

November 24 - Thanksgiving Day (Proudly Fly Your Flag Today!)

December 4 - Holiday Tea with Governor Nelson Dewey Chapter!

December 25 - Christmas Day (Proudly Fly Your Flag Today!)


January 1 -
 New Year's Day (Proudly Fly Your Flag Today!)

January 13 - Meeting: Women's Issues: "Transition Education Program, Helping Homeless Students in Madison" presented by Amy Noble, social worker

January 16 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Proudly Fly Your Flag Today!)

February 10 - Meeting: Project Patriot and American Indians Program: "Native American Veterans: My Story" presented by Kerry Metoxen, United States Air Force Veteran

February 12 - Lincoln's Birthday (Proudly Fly Your Flag Today!)

February 20 - Presidents' Day (Proudly Fly Your Flag Today!)

February 22 - Washington's Birthday (Proudly Fly Your Flag Today!)

March 10 - Meeting: American History Program: "DNA, Genealogy and DAR" presented by Betty Day

March 12 (Tentative) - Veteran's Administration Hospital Ice Cream Social

April 16 - Easter Sunday (Proudly Fly Your Flag Today!)

April 21 - Meeting: Good Citizens, Student Essay, and History Teacher Awards Program

April 27-29 - WSDAR 121st State Conference, Madison WI


May 12 - Meeting: Guest speaker State Regent Judy Mason

May 14 - Mother's Day 
(Proudly Fly Your Flag Today!)

May 22 - Armed Forces Day (Proudly Fly Your Flag Today!)

May 29 Memorial Day and Wisconsin's 169th Birthday (Proudly Fly Your Flag Today!)

June 14 - Flag Day (Proudly Fly Your Flag Today!)

July 4 - Independence Day 
(Proudly Fly Your Flag Today! )

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